Such a common experience: to turn to a movie for entertainment and respite from daily challenges and struggles, only to see exactly what we want to escape. Sometimes, this confrontation can be cathartic and helpful. Other times, it becomes trigger, appearing when we’re not prepared for it.

With, I’ve set out to compile a list of movies with possible triggers. The idea is to have an easy-to-access database to identify if a movie has a trigger you believe you should avoid.

Trigger warnings have recently received a lot of media attention, especially concerning when professors/instructors should include “trigger warnings” (tw) on university syllabi. I believe that trigger warnings can be helpful, especially for those who deal with complex traumas and P.T.S.D. I hope that can complement the movement that seeks to catalogue triggers.

Please remember: a trigger list can also reveal spoilers!

You can access the database discreetly from a smartphone or use a computer to find the information you seek. is intended as a resource, and, as such, it should be regarded as a guide, not an exhaustive list.

I hope to expand this database eventually to include television shows, as well. So, please enter information about triggers in films to create an updated and informative database.